Things You Should Avoid When Travel by Car in Winter


The cold wintertime not only makes most motorist suffer but it also has a negative impact on their cars that have to face temperature changes, snowfalls, strong cold winds, road reagents, etc. There are a lot of tips about what a car owner should do in winter but in this article, we have decided to list the most common sins drivers commit to their vehicles when they travel in the wintertime.

Sin # 1: Letting the car engine warm up for a long period of time

Many drivers believe that the longer they warm up their car engine, the better it is. In fact, we recommend you not do the warm-up of the engine for too long unless the temperature is -30 degrees Celsius. Thus, if your car is modern just like nissan juke, you should warm up the engine for a few minutes and then start driving at low speed. While warming up the engine, you can clean the car of snow and ice.

When you just start driving, the power of the car engine will be limited by electronics but after a while, your car will get back to normal. On average, when driving at low revs, your engine should be able to warm up after about 4 kilometers of driving. We also advise you not use your vehicle for short trips in cold weather if the engine does not get to warm up to the operating temperature.

Sin # 2: Heating up the seats and the rear window

Although heating the rear window as well as the seats is an extremely useful feature in a car, you should not abuse it. Try to use seat and rear window heating only for the first few minutes of driving. Remember that once the cabin has been warmed up thanks to the heater, heating up your seats is going to bring little benefit while also putting some pressure on the electrical equipment of the car. The same goes for the rear window.

Sin # 3: Using the AC too often

In the humid weather, the air conditioner effectively fights the formation of moisture in the vehicle preventing the misting of the car windows. But this does not mean that in winter, you must constantly use the air conditioner to dehydrate the air since this affects your fuel consumption. If you periodically turn it on, then this will be enough to keep the car windows dry. However, if in the wintertime, it starts to rain, then for some time you actually should use the air conditioner to prevent fogging of the windows.

Sin # 4: Using the fog lights when it is not needed

Many motorists sin in the wintertime by frequently turning on their fog lights, which under normal weather conditions can dazzle other drivers on the road. It is advised that you switch on the fog lights in your car only when there is fog or in the case of poor visibility when driving in the snow. If you often travel in areas with poor road visibility, you can find best bmw sedan online, which is equipped with advanced LED headlights.