Costa Rica – Check Out The Caribbean Side

Costa Rica is a beautiful country, but for a lot of people they only go to the Pacific side of the country and have a tendency to miss out completely on the Caribbean side of the country. This could easily be a mistake because you are going to be in the middle of the tourist areas and the areas that have the higher prices for the tourist, like yourself. So what is it that will help you make up your mind about going to the Caribbean side of the country? Well, let us explore this part of the country that is often considered to be off the beaten path for people.

Undeveloped For The Most Part

When you are looking at the Caribbean side of the country you will find that it is not as well developed as what you would expect to see on the Pacific side. This is a great feature because it allows you to have the quietness that you may want to have when you are traveling. It also means you will finally be able to get the adventure done your way, without the crowds really having an impact on the adventure you are going to have.

What else is nice is this underdevelopment also means that nature for the most part is going to remain intact and not spoiled. So you will be able to experience the country almost like it was when it was discovered without having to venture far from the hotel that you are staying in. So this is definitely a plus because it allows you to have the reconnection and chance to recharge your batteries like you want to.

Speaking Of Nature

While we are on the topic of nature and the beauty it holds you will like the fact that the Northern part of the Caribbean coast will have plenty of options available for you to enjoy when it comes to the beauty of nature preserves. These places are working hard to keep the country and the region just like nature intended, beautiful and unspoiled. So, this will definitely be a great feature you will like because it makes it easier for you to have a good time and know you are seeing nature without the interference of humans.

Once you go here and see the animals, you will find they are at ease. Yes, you can sense it with the animals and even the trees to an extent. However, the beauty of everything may remind you of the smaller American Southern towns that have a laid-back atmosphere as you will not have the stress of daily life creeping in here.


When you go to Costa Rica one thing that you will want to go and do is spend time on the beaches. This is definitely possible as this side has plenty of beaches for you to enjoy and relax on. However, if you are expecting to see some of the larger expanses in the way the beaches are set, then you could end up disappointed as the beaches on this side of the country a lot smaller than what you would experience on the Pacific side. The good news is you will notice this is a part of the country that will allow you to have the beaches as more of an isolated location that you can enjoy on your own.

When you are going to the beaches you will find that while they are smaller, you will still have the palm trees swaying in the background. So you will not be disappointed in this fact because the palm trees are definitely a requisite for a lot of people when they are going to the beach.

Puerto Viejo The Tourist Town

Just like on the Pacific Coast you will find that this side of Costa Rica is going to have some towns that are meant for the tourist as well. One of those towns is found along the Southern shores of the country and that is Puerto Viejo. This town is one that you will like, but at the same time want to be wary of because of the history of the town.

In the recent past the town was used as a main cocaine smuggling hub. This may not seem that bad, but when you realize how many drugs went through the town it can make you wary. The town is working on cleaning up this image and it is showing, but if you are in certain parts of the town you may still see some of the remnants of this life. You will want to be mindful of this if you are going to the country with your kids because they may start to ask questions you do not want to answer.

When you are in Puerto Viejo you will find the place does have plenty of restaurants for you to pick from. These places will not be the five-star places you would get in Paris, but they do provide you with great food that you will want to get the recipe for. The dishes here are going to be more of the local cuisine and this can make it easier for you to have a great meal that you can enjoy. Now, what else you need to look at is the fact this place does have some hotels to pick from, but they may seem overpriced.

When you are traveling to Costa Rica Focus and want to get off the beaten path you will want to head to the Caribbean side of the country. When you do this, you will notice this place has a lot going for it. It will also make it easier for you to have a great trip because you can finally find some secluded beaches to enjoy without the crowds, or tour the nature preserves in the area. No matter, what you will want to rent a house and go out and enjoy your trip to this side of Costa Rica.