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Kerala, God’s own country, is a tropical symphony for individuals desperately waiting to escape the frenzy and chaos of elsewhere to heal themselves with the serenity and beauty of this place.  Running along the 600 km shore of the Arabian Sea on the Indian tropical Malabar Coast, it is famous for backwaters, elegant houseboats, Ayurvedic treatments and delicately spiced, taste-bud-tingling cuisine. A spellbinding landscape of hills, forests and valleys with clouds brushing past you every now and then! The temperature can go an astonishing 10°C even during a summer day.

Traditions are always a part of the people here. Most of what existed a hundred years ago, still exists now. Kerala is the only place in the world known for its ancient Hindu tantric rites which are still practiced widely.

Trivandrum and Kovalam

Thiruvananthapuram, also known as Trivandrum is the capital of Kerala and is a major pilgrimage site. It is widely known for the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple.Entry of Hindu people are only allowed in the temples. It is also home to the ancient martial art Kalarippayattu. Indulge yourself in the soothing and peaceful ayurvedic massages and practices at the  Ayur Health Centre and Ayurveda College.

Kovalam is known for its beautiful beaches and street shops. It is also getting popular for a no. of adventure sports. the artisans at kovalam recreate and remodel typical Kerala villages showcasing all forms of culture, traditions, music, and dance forms like Kathakali, Thiruvathirakali, and Mohiniattam. 

Alappuzha and Alleypey

Alappuzha is a city 146 kms away from the capital. It is famous for its pristine backwaters with comfortable houseboats, hill stations and waterfalls.

  • Row your houseboat through the glistening crystal clear waters of alleypey glancing at the greenery outside while enjoying a hot plate of freshly prepared lemon fish.
  • People can also opt for Shikara rides (3-4 hrs ride) without the expense of a houseboat.
  • If you are done riding in a boat, maybe you can witness one racing the others. Alappuzha is known for its snake boat races.

Munnar and Wayanad-

Munnar and Wayanad are hillstations laden with beauty. Famous for its  churches, tea estates, waterfalls, dams and the reserve forest bodies.    

  • Stroll through the aromatic spice plantation, coffee plantation and tea gardens, hazy hills covered with patches of lush green foliage.
  • Talk to yourself like you always do. Stand at the echo point, shout at your highest pitch and hear your voice coming back to you.
  • Go for trekking at the Eddakal cave and at Eravikulam national park and if lucky you get to witness the blooming of a special flower once in every 12 years.


The home to the world popular Periyar National Park,  100 kms from Munnar is your chance to get closure with the nature. Thekkady is the perfect place tosee the wild animals along the gringe of the lake foraging, bathing, drinking and resting from the safety of the boat cruise over the scenic Periyar Lake. The first thing that tourists like to do here first is boating in the lake along the herd of elephants.

Kerala is also known to harbor ancient buildings and infrastructure influenced by different parts of the world.

Fort Kochi has numerous no of churches and buildings influenced by different cultures around the globe.

Witness the 80 feet tall Athirapally fallsalso known as the NiagaraFalls of India. From aromatic spice fields, mesmerizing hills to the coffee plantations and beaches, Kerala has a lot of peace, solitude and healing for the soul to offer.